Who Am I?

I am a front-end web developer and digital producer living in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Georgia, I graduated from the University of Georgia and after spending about six months abroad in Barcelona I returned to the US and moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

In my professional life I create, develop, and manage websites for my clients. The vast majority of my work is built using open source content management systems like WordPress and Joomla, and to a lesser extent, Drupal. On most projects I will create a custom theme based on its scope and needs, while maintaining a responsive structure that provides a consistent user experience across all devices. I will also admit to having an affinity for ecommerce.

Currently, in my role with Writing Commons, I am the sole tech person managing and maintaining the website. I also have created and developed the last two websites for WC. I am fortunate to enjoy great freedoms over how to manage and structure the website. I am running two sites on the same server mirroring each other to ensure a quick, fallback site in the case of an emergency. My next step is to transfer the site to a cloud-based service to ensure maximum uptime and speed.

Additionally, with Writing Commons I enjoy the responsibilities that come with being Head of Digital Content. Google Analytics gives us an incredible insight to how our users find the site, how they use the site and its content, what the most relevant topics are to our audience, how they are viewing the site, and tons of other metrics as well. Naturally, this has enabled us to focus on doing more of what works and what is most liked, while not wasting more time and resources on what’s not getting as much attention.

While the site has always been free to use and will continue to be free, I’ve created a very minimal advertising presence that has given us the opportunity for the first time to actually have an operating budget that can be spent on creating new content and supporting the site so that it continues to grow and gain more regular users. I am excited to be readying a first organized and targeted social media campaign as well as going after an entirely new target market outside of academia.

In my personal life I very much enjoy soccer and have a couple of adopted street cats that share my apartment and provide great entertainment value vs. what’s spent on food and cleaning supplies. In addition to computers and their languages, I enjoy studying foreign languages, especially Spanish. My favorite vacation spots are Barcelona, Spain, and most anywhere along the Mexican coast. I am also a huge foodie and enjoy hosting and cooking for large groups of family and friends.